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Guides Wanted

I am going to post a weekly article on the Spirit of Oz blog, featuring a local Gold Coast therapist and giving personal insight in to my experience with them.

Its a great way for me to explore my spiritual interests, while educating readers of the blog about new modalities and what they can expect if they book a session with that therapist.

But as I only want to focus on the Gold Coast, I am looking for specific individuals in all the different areas of Australia to become “Guides” to their region.

Who you interview, what modality you experience, and how you deliver your information is up to you. You can see examples at Nigel’s Blog.

My goal is for you to establish a following of readers in your area who look forward to your posts.

It’s a great way to explore your own spiritual growth, while assisting others on their path.

To register your interest please make contact.

Spirit of Oz will function as a standard directory, (listing therapists by location and skills), but this blog component will give it personality, and featuring therapists in each region will be of benefit to all.


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