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Psychic Advice

Many people seek direction from a psychic when they are in the middle of a stressful situation. It is not always easy to remain objective and in tune with your own intuition when you are caught up in emotion.

They may well ask questions of the Psychic that they already know the answers to, as an objective way to confirm or validate their own understanding.

Chatting with someone you trust is important, but friends and family can sometimes be too close to the situation. A Psychic can provide you with an objective perspective.

It is important you evaluate the information given to see if it resonates with you. It is a balance between discernment and having an open mind to all possibilities.

The goal is to be curious and cautious, without becoming confrontational or sceptical. Many psychics will tune into your thoughts and emotions, and nervous hesitation could hamper your chances of a good reading.

Before Contacting Any Psychic For A Reading, it is important you read the Spirit of Oz Psychic Disclaimer.

Best Australian Psychic

Who should you contact?

Connecting with a psychic is a very personal and individual experience.

Sometimes, it is the referral from a friend, or a feeling of certainty upon seeing their photo, or their proximity to you and availability…

It is important to have an understanding of what you want to achieve from your reading/healing, and matching that to the psychic qualities of the reader.

Many Psychics are skilled in a variety of psychic modalities, while others specialise in just one.

For simplicity, the Psychics have been allotted into one or more of these groups to help you find the perfect psychic for you.

A Clairvoyant is best suited for when you are looking for direction or answers to questions about your progress on your spiritual path here on the Earth plane, in the here and now.

A Medium is best suited to conduct your reading if you are looking to connect with departed loved ones or spiritual beings on the other side.

Tarot ReadersTarot Readers
A Tarot Reader is best suited if you like to see things layed out logically before you – and again, is best at addressing real-world issues about yourself, your progress here and now, and your relationships.

Intuitive HealersIntuitive Healers
Intuitive Spiritual Healers work with a wide variety of modalities to assist you live each and every day in better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Phone PsychicsPhone Psychics
Many of the Psychics in the Spirit of Oz Directory also offer Phone Readings. If there isn’t a reader you are drawn to that lives close by, please click Australian Phone Psychics to see a list of Readers who can connect with you via phone or skype.

Before contacting any Psychic for a reading, it is important you read the Spirit of Oz
Psychic Disclaimer.